is an online shop for Africana Arts.The site is managed a team of the founding artists and her partners. The shop features artworks by artist Cornelia Nowa. It open to all artists who produce nature friendly (sustainable arts) to list their art. The aim of this site is to promote art and make sales. Our vision is to advance so that in the near future we produce art using eco friendly materials and methods only. We therefore are grateful for all our customers and clients as you promote the growth of our business and support our vision. 

Cornelia marie Nowa


Cornelia Nowa is an artist originally from Blantyre, Malawi. She started working as an artist for 5 years. She's passionate about art, nature and fashion. 

Cornelia Nowa P. O. BOX 1293 Mzuzu, Malawi.

Africana Arts, mchengatuwa avenue, Mzuzu Malawi, Central Africa.